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Table 3 Data collected through Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefit scheme

From: Factors influencing social and health outcomes after motor vehicle crash injury: an inception cohort study protocol

Variables from medicare data Description
Date of service Date on which the provider performed the service
Date of processing Date on which Medicare processed the payment of a claim for the service
Medicare benefits Item description Describes the service provided by the provider as per Medicare Benefits Schedule
Medicare item number A number that identifies the service provided by the provider as per Medicare Benefits Schedule
Provider charge The amount the provider charged for the service
Schedule fee The fee listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule
Benefit paid The Medicare benefit paid to the claimant
Patient out of pocket The amount the patient is out of pocket i.e. provider charge minus benefit paid Bill
Type Method by which the Medicare benefit was claimed i.e. cash, bulk bill, cheque to claimant, cheque to provider via claimant, PCE (Easy claim patient claim), simplified bill and EFT
Scrambled ordering provider number A scrambled provider number identifying the doctor who referred the service scrambled
Rendering provider number A scrambled provider number identifying the doctor who provided the service
Date of referral The date of referral or request for a service by a provider
Rendering provider postcode Postcode of servicing provider’s practice location
Ordering provider postcode Postcode of referring provider's practice location
Hospital indicator An indicator of whether the service was performed in hospital
Provider speciality Speciality of the provider as at time of service
Item category From the hierarchical system of the Medicare Benefits Schedule
Variables from Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) claims data
Date of supply The date on which the PBS item was supplied
Date of prescribing The date on which the prescription was written PBS
Item code Number which indicates item prescribed as per Schedule of
Pharmaceutical benefits item description Item name description as it appears in the Schedule of PBS
Pharmaceutical benefits patient category Refers to the patient's concessional status at the time of supply of the benefit of the item
Patient contribution The contribution actually paid by the patient
Net benefit Benefit that Medicare paid to the Pharmacy
Scrambled prescriber number A scrambled prescriber number identifying the doctor who prescribed the PBS item
Pharmacy postcode Postcode of Pharmacy where the prescription was dispensed
Form category Description of script type, e.g. OR: Original, RE: Repeat, DS, Deferred Script, AU: Authority, AR: Authority Repeat
Code Code allocated by the WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics
ATC name According to the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system
Prescriber derived major speciality Speciality of prescribing doctor