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Table 7 Adolescent injury checklist

From: Elevated depressive symptoms and adolescent injury: examining associations by injury frequency, injury type, and gender

  Total (%)
Violence-related injuries
By being in a physical fight with someone 11.7
By a BB gun, pellet gun or regular gun 7.6
By being physically attacked 7.2
By being stabbed 3.4
At least one violence-related injury 25.0
Transport-related injuries  
While driving a car, truck or bus 3.8
While riding in a car, truck or bus 4.9
While riding a bicycle, skateboard or rollerblades 12.3
While riding a motorcycle, moped, snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle (ATV) 5.9
At least one transport-related injury 26.3
Unintentional injuries
By getting cut, bruised, bleeding 60.7
By being hit by something, like a rock or glass 9.2
By nearly drowning 2.1
By falling 33.3
By being burned by fire, chemicals, electricity or hot liquid 20.1
By an animal or serious insect bite 7.4
By a team sport, athletic activity, or exercise 39.7
By being hit by a moving vehicle while walking 3.2
By accidentally drinking or eating a dangerous substance 3.6
At least one unintentional injury 74.8