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Table 1 Stakeholder groups and service agencies to be interviewed in process evaluation

From: Study Protocol - Alcohol Management Plans (AMPs) in remote indigenous communities in Queensland: their impacts on injury, violence, health and social indicators and their cost-effectiveness

Stakeholder group or service agency Community-based Regionally based & visiting community Service providers in region
  General I   
  Drug & alcohol workers   I  
  Mental health workers   I I
  Residential rehabilitation services    I
Justice and liquor regulation    
  Queensland police service I I I
  Legal services   I I
  Magistrates    I
  Community justice groups I   
  Family responsibilities commission I I I
  Liquor accords I I I
  Managers and principals I I  
  Employees I   
  Child safety I I  
  Local government councils and community members  
  Elected councillors I   
  CEOs and managers I   
  CDEP I   
  Night patrol I   
  Community members I   
  Men’s groups I   
  Women's groups I   
  Non-government organisations   
  RFDS   I  
  Cape York Partnerships   I I
  Apunipima Cape York Health Council I I I
  Employment groups I I