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Table 1 REGARDS occupational survey content areas

From: Methods and feasibility of collecting occupational data for a large population-based cohort study in the United States: the reasons for geographic and racial differences in stroke study

Employment Status Longest-Held Job (self-employed)
• At enrollment • Same as enrollment job
• Current • Same as current job
Entire Work Career • Industry
• Ever worked shiftwork • Job title and duties
• Years of shiftwork • Job tenure
• Type of shiftwork • Year left this job
• Number of jobs held in the past 10 years • Employer size
Current Job (self-employed) • Work arrangement
• Industry • Union status
• Job title and duties • Supervisory duties
• Start year • Total work hours per week
• Employer size • (Number of employees)
• Work arrangementa • (Income ≥ 20% household income)
• Union status Enrollment Job (self-employed)
• Supervisory duties • Same as longest-held job
• (Number of employees) • Same as current job
• (Income ≥ 20% household income) • Industry
Current Job Exposures • Job title and duties
• Shiftwork • Job tenure
• Total work hours per week • Year left this job
• Work hour preference • Employer size
• Psychological job demandsb • Work arrangement
• Decision latitudeb • Union status
• Skill discretionb • Supervisory duties
• Overall physical effort levelc • Total work hours per week
• Work-life imbalanced • (Number of employees)
• Threatened or bullied in the past yeare • (Income ≥ 20% household income)
• Discrimination (age, race, gender, other)e
  1. aWork arrangement categories for wage employed participants included: on-call employee, subcontractor or employee of a temporary agency, regular permanent employee, and unknown; work arrangement categories for self-employed participants included: business owner, independent contractor or consultant or freelance worker.
  2. bJob Content Questionnaire scale measures [22].
  3. cOne item modified Borg perceived exertion scale [23].
  4. dOne item adapted from a validated scale based on expert consultation with Dr. Joseph Grzywacz [24].
  5. eNIOSH Quality of Work Life Survey [25].