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Table 3 Characteristics of selected standard epidemiology textbooks: the extent to which authors extend methodological discussions to time-based measures and other public health relevant material

From: The science of epidemiology and the methods needed for public health assessments: a review of epidemiology textbooks

Author Prevalence/Incidence Measures of health and disability – generic or disease specific Measures of health and disability – designed for comparability Life table methods
Ahrens, W and Pigeot, I [14] +/+ Health status measurement and health related quality of life is discussed to some depth PYLL, DALYs and QALYs all discussed briefly with mention of the issues that arise when measuring health or disease. A short section included in survival analysis introduces life table methods
Gerstman, BB [15] +++/+++ N/M N/M A full chapter on life tables and another on survival analysis
Koepsell, TD, and Weiss, NS [12] +/+++ N/M N/M A very brief section on survival analysis
Hennekens, CH and Buring, JE [16] ++/+++ N/M N/M N/M
Lilienfeld, DE and Stolley, PD [13] +/+ N/M N/M Brief description
MacMahon, B and Trichopolous, D. [17] ++/++ N/M N/M Brief section on life tables and survival analysis in ‘Cohort studies’ chapter
Merrill RM and Timmreck, TC [18] +++/+++ Very brief discussion of activity limitation and ADL scales N/M Very brief mention of survivorship studies and life tables
Miettinen, O [19] +/++ N/M N/M N/M
Rothman KJ and Greenland, S [10] +/+++ N/M N/M Life table methods for risk estimation
Szklo, M and Nieto, FJ [11] +/+++ N/M N/M Life table methods discussed in length
Bonita, R et al.[20] +++/+++ Very brief section on measuring disability Discusses summary measures and one brief section devoted to the DALY Brief introduction to life expectancy measures
Bhopal, R [21] +++/+++ N/M Brief mention of summary measures N/M
Esteve, J et al. [22] ++/+++ N/M N/M Full chapter on survival measures. Years of life lost discussed briefly
Farmer, R and Lawrenson, R [23] +/+ N/M N/M Life expectancy mentioned very briefly
Friis, RH, and Sellers, TA [24] ++/++ N/M Very brief discussion of the DALY Short section on life tables
Gordis, L [25] +++/+++ N/M Brief description of QoL and comparison issues Substantial discussion of life tables and survival analysis
Moon, G et al.[26] +/+ N/M N/M N/M
Rossignol, A [27] ++/+++ N/M N/M N/M
Webb, P et al. [28] ++/+++ N/M Brief but thorough discussion of DALYS Brief description of life expectancy, HALE and DALE
Vetter, N and Matthews, I [29] +/+ Measures of disability and health are introduced A relatively extensive discussion of the QALY but no mention of the DALY Brief mention of life expectancy as a measure population health status
Brownson RC and Petitti, DB [20] N/M Condition specific, generic and preference measures are discussed briefly N/M N/M
Carr, S et al.[31] +/+ N/M DALY mentioned very briefly N/M
Detels R et al.[32] N/M Disease specific measures discussed, a substantial section is devoted to generic health indicators DALYs are discussed at length in different chapters Brief but thorough discussion
Donaldson, LJ and Scally, G [33] +/+ Disease rating scales mentioned but not discussed in any length QALY discussed. DALY mentioned as simply the opposite of a QALY Life expectancy and healthy life expectancy introduced
Gillam, S et al.[34] ++/++ N/M DALY mentioned Life expectancy is discussed. Life tables mentioned briefly.
Kerr, C et al.[35] +/+ Very brief discussion of the measurement of health states N/M One (very short) chapter on life tables
Pomperleau, J and McKee, M [36] N/M N/M Full chapter devoted to BOD and summary measures. Brief introduction to life expectancy and life tables
Schneider, M-J [37] +/+ N/M N/M Life expectancy and life lost discussed very briefly
Spasoff, RA [38] N/M N/M QALY and DALY are discussed briefly Life tables are discussed at some length. HALE are discussed briefly
Tulchinsky, TH and Varavikova, EH [39] +/+ N/M Very brief mention of “qualitative measures of morbidity and mortality” – QALY, DALY and DFLE Life expectancy discussed briefly
  1. N/M - Not mentioned.
  2. +/+ − indicates the extent that prevalence and incidence are discussed.
  3. BOD - Burden of Disease.
  4. DALE – Disability adjusted life expectancy.
  5. DALY – Disability adjusted life year.
  6. DFLE – Disability free life expectancy.
  7. HALE – Health adjusted life expectancy.
  8. PYLL – Potential years of life lost.
  9. QALY –Quality adjusted life year.
  10. QoL – Quality of life.