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Table 1 Selected standard epidemiology textbooks, classified as ’pure’, ‘extended’ or ‘applied

From: The science of epidemiology and the methods needed for public health assessments: a review of epidemiology textbooks

Author Year of publication and edition Title Type Country of authors’ or editors’ origin
Pure texts     
Ahrens, W, and Pigeot, I [14] 2013, 2nd Handbook of epidemiology Multi-authored edited compendium Germany
Gerstman, BB [15] 2003, 2nd Epidemiology kept simple: an introduction to traditional and modern epidemiology Monograph USA
Koepsell, TD, and Weiss, NS [12] 2003 Epidemiologic methods: studying the occurrence of illness Co-authored monograph USA
Hennekens, CH, and Buring, JE [16] 1987 Epidemiology in medicine Edited co-authored monograph USA
Lilienfeld, DE, and Stolley, PD [13] 1994, 3rd Foundations of epidemiology Co-authored monograph USA
MacMahon, B, and Trichopolous, D [17] 1996, 2nd Epidemiology: principles and methods Co-authored monograph USA
Merrill, RM and Timmreck, TC [18] 2002, 3rd An introduction to epidemiology Monograph USA
Miettinen, O [19] 1985 Theoretical epidemiology: principles of occurrence research in medicine Monograph Finland/Canada
Rothman KJ, et al.[10] 2008, 3rd Modern epidemiology Multi-authored1 co-edited volume USA
Szklo, M, and Nieto, FJ [11] 2012, 3rd Epidemiology: beyond the basics Multi-authored monograph USA
Extended texts     
Bonita, R, et al.[20] 2006, 2nd Basic epidemiology Multi-authored monograph Australia
Bhopal, R [21] 2008, 2nd Concepts of epidemiology: an integrated introduction to the ideas, theories, principles and methods of epidemiology Monograph UK
Esteve, J, et al. [22] 1994 Descriptive epidemiology statistical methods in cancer research Multi-authored monograph France
Farmer, R and Lawrenson, R [23] 2004, 5th Epidemiology and public health medicine Co-authored monograph UK
Friis, RH and Sellers, TA [24] 2008, 4th Epidemiology for public health practice Co-authored monograph USA
Gordis, L [25] 2009, 3rd Epidemiology Monograph USA
Moon, G, et al.[26] 2000 Epidemiology: an introduction Multi-authored monograph UK
Rossignol, A [27] 2005 Principles and practice of epidemiology: an engaged approach Monograph USA
Webb, P and Bain, C [28] 2010, 2nd Essential epidemiology Multi-authored monograph Australia
Vetter, N, and Matthews, I [29] 1999 Epidemiology and public health medicine Co-authored monograph UK
Applied texts     
Brownson, RC, and Petitti, DB [30] 2006, 2nd Applied epidemiology: theory to practice Multi-authored co-edited volume USA
Carr, S et al.[31] 2007, 2nd An introduction to public health and epidemiology Multi-authored monograph UK
Detels, R et al.[32] 2009, 5th Oxford textbook of public health: the methods of public health Multi-authored edited compendium USA, UK, New Zealand and the Philippines
Donaldson, LJ and Scally, G [33] 2009, 3rd Donaldson’s essential public health Co-authored monograph UK
Gillam, S et al.[34] 2007 Essential public health: theory and practice Multi-authored monograph UK
Kerr, C et al.[35] 1998 Handbook of public health methods Multi-authored co-edited volume Australia
Pomerleau, J and McKee, M [36] 2005 Issues in public health Co-edited volume UK
Schneider, M-J [37] 2010, 3rd Introduction to public health Monograph USA
Spasoff, RA [38] 1999 Epidemiologic methods for health policy Monograph Canada
Tulchinsky, TH and Varavikova, EH [39] 2008, 2nd The new public health Co-authored monograph Israel/Russia
  1. 1This text is mostly authored by Rothman and Greenland. Only a chapter on Field Epidemiology in Part III and nine chapters in Part IV (Special Topics) are authored by other contributors.