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Table 1 Baseline characteristic of studies included in the systematic review and meta-analysis

From: Folate intake, serum folate levels, and prostate cancer risk: a meta-analysis of prospective studies

Study Country Study design Assessment of exposure Sample size Age at baseline Effect estimate Comparison categories Follow-up (year) Covariates in fully adjusted model
SJ Weinstein8 2006 Finland Cohort FFQ 27111 50-69 RR >378 μg/d versus <283 μg/d 12.4 Age, vitamin supplement use, energy intake
VL Stevens9 2006 US Cohort FFQ 65836 50-74 RR >347 μg/d versus <204 μg/d 9.0 Age, race, education, total calories, total calcium, ethanol, family history of prostate cancer, vitamin B12, prostate-specific antigen screening, and history of diabetes
JK Bassett10 2012 Australia Cohort FFQ 14620 40-69 HR 444 μg/d versus 215 μg/d 15.0 Country of birth, education, alcohol consumption, BMI, and daily intakes of lycopene and calcium
BAJ Verhage11 2012 Netherland Cohort FFQ 58279 55-69 HR >259.1 μg/d versus <176.5 μg/d 17.3 Age
N Roswall12 2013 Denmark Cohort Self-administer questionnaire 26856 50-64 HR >412.9 μg/d versus <280.5 μg/d 17.0 Intake of the three other micronutrients as well as dietary intake for the supplemental intake and supplemental intake for the dietary intake and further for height, weight, education, intake of red meat, alcohol consumption, selenium intake
M Johansson13 2008 Europe Nest case control Blood samples 2043 58.7 RR >16.55 nmol/L versus <4.82 nmol/L 5.0 Body mass index, smoking status, alcohol intake, physical activity, marital status, and education level
J Beilby14 2010 Australia Nest case control Blood samples 321 69.5 OR Tertiles 3 versus tertiles 1 6.0 Age, administered vitamin A supplement
S Vogel15 2013 Norway Nest case control Blood samples 6000 49.1 OR >17.5 nmol/L versus <10.9 nmol/L 15.7 Serum creatinine concentration, education, smoking, physical activity and body mass index.
J Hultdin7 2005 Sweden Nest case control Blood samples 768 58.2 OR >10.3 nmol/L versus <5.85 nmol/L 4.9 Other 2 plasma variables, BMI and smoking
SJ Weinstein16 2003 Finland Nest case control Blood samples 678 50-69 OR >10.79 nmol/L versus <6.87 nmol/L 6-9 Benign prostate hyperplasia