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Table 2 Milestones of development and implementation of accreditation in Chandigarh

From: Developing and implementing an accreditation system for health promoting schools in Northern India: a cross-sectional study

S.No. Time period Key activities
1 August, 2008 Stakeholders’ workshop for Health Promoting Schools (HPS) was held at Chandigarh with following objectives:
• Sensitization
• Brainstorming
• Discussion on HPS concept
2 October, 2009 A one day Workshop on HPS by School Health Programme, Chandigarh Administration to
• Introduce the concept of Health Promotion in the schools.
• 38 participants from 30 schools including District Education Officer (DEO) participated.
• Lectures and group discussions were conducted.
3 August, 2010 A meeting was organized by Director Health Services, Chandigarh with key stakeholders including education department to initiate the process to select the schools on pilot basis for development of accreditation process.
4 October, 2010 A meeting of the representatives of Health department, investigators and Quality Council of India was held to discuss the development of draft accreditation process of schools.
5 Phase I: Development of Accreditation (April, 2011- May, 2012) ‘Development of a model for accreditation of school as Health Promoting schools in Union Territory, Chandigarh’ was supported by WHO Country Office for India and its implementation was initiated.
• A workshop on Health Promoting Schools was organized by School Health Programme, Chandigarh Administration
-Representatives from 17 willing schools (8 govt. and 9 private) participated.
-Draft manual of Accreditation was discussed and finalized.
• Baseline information on health promoting schools was collected from the participating schools.
• 15 follow-up and reinforcement meetings with participating schools were organized by School Health Program, Chandigarh Administration.
• Based on inputs and experience from schools, a manual of accreditation for Health Promoting Schools was finalized.
• The manual of accreditation for Health Promoting Schools (HPS) was released by Governor of Punjab.
• Key partners’ meeting from Education, Health and Finance department, Chandigarh Administration; Quality Council of India and School Health Program was held for implementation of accreditation.
6 Phase 2: Implementation of accreditation (2012–2013) • The implementation started in 17 schools volunteered for implementation.
• The schools made their plan of action, implemented and monitored with regular self-appraisal.
• Technical support by School Health Program and investigators, on periodic basis.
• A post-assessment in 17 schools was done.
• The pre-post assessment in schools was analyzed and compared.
  1. The accreditation of schools was not a one-time activity. Its development and implementation comprised of several milestones. The process was initiated in the year 2008, underwent number of expert consultation, meetings and workshops. Finally, a Manual on Health Promoting Schools was developed which described the procedure of accreditation including the checklist and scoring of accreditation. This accreditation process was implemented in the 17 schools on the pilot basis.