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Table 3 Participant details of media actors including type of media and role (n = 19)

From: Media actors’ perceptions of their roles in reporting food incidents

Country Type of media Role Number of participants Research codes
Australia Newspaper Journalist 3 AUM11, AUM16, AUM15
  Newspaper Editor 2 AUM6, AUM17
  Television Journalist 3 AU M1, AUM2, AUM19
  Radio Radio presenter 3 AUM10, AUM13, AUM18
  Online Newspaper editor/producer 3 AUM5, AUM7, AUM9
  Online Blogger/freelance writer 5 AUM3, AUM4, AUM8, AUM12, AUM14
United Kingdom Newspaper Journalist 3 UKM5, UKM6, UKM13
  Television Director/producer 2 UKM10, UKM11
  Radio Producer 3 UKM1, UKM2, UKM3
  Online Journalist 1 UKM4
  Varied Public Relations Consultant 2 UKM14, UKM16
New Zealand Online Blogger 1 NZM1
  Newspaper Journalist 1 NZM2
  Total   33