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Table 2 Hypothetical scenario used in interviews with media actors

From: Media actors’ perceptions of their roles in reporting food incidents

Scenario Elements
  • Large food manufacturer has identified contaminated soy protein isolate during routine testing of raw ingredients
  • Source of contaminated soy protein isolate is an Asian country
  • Soy protein isolate is used extensively in the food industry to increase the protein content of a wide variety of foods and drinks that are consumed across all age and social groups
  • Soy protein isolates are also used in infant formulas
  • Subsequent testing has identified the contaminated soy protein isolate in leading brands of infant formula, breakfast cereal, bread and other products that are currently on sale
  • The contaminated product is potentially hepatotoxic, containing a toxin that causes acute liver disease
  • Literature suggests that the toxin can be fatal in vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women and older people