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Table 4 Exploratory factor analysis of the perception variables

From: From Lyme disease emergence to endemicity: a cross sectional comparative study of risk perceptions in different populations

  Montérégie Neuchâtel
Initial model   
Quality of representation1 of EFA with seven variables (used for initial selection of variables)   
  Perceived individual susceptibility 0.47 0.40
  Perceived regional susceptibility 0.66 0.67
  Perceived severity 0.27 0.30
  Feeling of worry 0.62 0.44
  Perceived mastery 0.22 0.34
  Perceived confidence2 0.12 0.08
  Perceived uncertainty2 0.04 0.07
Final model   
Percentage of variance explained 48.5 42.0
Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin measure of sampling adequacy 0.762 0.714
Factor loadings of retained variables3   
  Perceived individual susceptibility 0.67 0.63
  Perceived regional susceptibility 0.80 0.84
  Perceived severity 0.51 0.52
  Feeling of worry 0.76 0.54
Cronbach alpha (total sample) 0.760
  1. 1The quality of representation represents the variable variance that can be explained by all other variables.
  2. 2Variables excluded from the analysis (quality of representation inferior to 0.2 for both populations).
  3. 3 Perceived mastery was excluded from the final model because its factor loading on the factor was inferior to 0.5.