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Table 1 Measures and assessment schedule

From: Proactive outreach for smokers using VHA mental health clinics: protocol for a patient-randomized clinical trial

Measure Baseline 6 m 12 m
Participant surveys    
Eligibility: Smoking in last 30 days X   
Sociodemographics X   
Smoking and tobacco use history X X X
Nicotine dependence X X X
Quit attempt history X X X
Cessation treatment offered by providers X X X
Texting/social media use and preferences X   
Thoughts about quitting X X X
Motivation to quit X X X
Self-efficacy in quitting X X X
Environmental factors X X X
Physical and mental health X X X
Alcohol use X X X
Pain intensity and interference X X X
Financial stress X X X
Smoking-induced deprivation X X X
Participant saliva sample   X X
Administrative data    
Cessation prescriptions in prior 12 months X   X
Healthcare utilization in prior 12 months X   X
Body mass index in prior 12 months X   X
Charlson comorbidity index X   
Mental health diagnoses in prior 12 months X   
Primary mental health diagnosis X   
Mental health diagnostic cluster X