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Table 1 Main topics of each session (slightly modified from the GMFA manual)

From: Queer quit: a pilot study of a smoking cessation programme tailored to gay men

Session Main topics
Session 1 Facts about smoking and smoking cessation
  What can you expect when you quit smoking?
  Minimise the side effects – NRTs and prescription medication
  Contraindications for prescription medication
  What about prescription medication and HIV anti-retroviral therapy?
  The issues of combination usage of NRT and prescription medication
Session 2 Are you ready to stop smoking?
  Carbon monoxide and what it does to you
  Carbon monoxide monitor
  Stop Smoking action plan
  Smoking diary
  Preparing for Quit Day
Session 3 Quit Day
  Quit Team Contact Sheet
Session 4 Inexpensive holistic stop-smoking ideas
Session 5 Weight gain issues
Session 6 Your support network
Session 7 Celebration