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Table 5 IPB only and IPB+ participants’ comments on the advantages of KCS facilitation

From: Implementing an Injury Prevention Briefing to aid delivery of key fire safety messages in UK children’s centres: qualitative study nested within a multi-centre randomised controlled trial

IPB only IPB+
‘I think if someone had come in and … explained … what it was that you were doing and things then it probably would have… possibly would have made it so more got done.’ (Site C: IPB only) ‘The training at the start was … brilliant and it made it really … easy to follow the IPB and gave us the background knowledge that we needed to be able to speak to the parents about the things.’ (Site B: IPB+)
 ‘I think in terms of facilitating well the university has kick started us into it we wouldn’t have done it otherwise.’ (Site C: IPB+)
 ‘You’ve actually been very good at geeing me up to … you know because otherwise I have to admit … under the circumstances I think that’s exactly what we needed was the nagging … it gave us opportunities to … ask you anything.’ (Site D: IPB+)
 Some felt facilitation was pivotal in enabling them to overcome the difficulties in engaging parents and of organisational change:
 ‘I think without it [facilitation] you wouldn’t get any results.’ (Site C: IPB+)