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Table 4 Mapping the relationship between the 4 implementation moderators defined in the implementation Fidelity Framework (IFF) and KCS study ‘Universal’ and ‘Specific’ moderators

From: Implementing an Injury Prevention Briefing to aid delivery of key fire safety messages in UK children’s centres: qualitative study nested within a multi-centre randomised controlled trial

KCS Moderators Universal Moderators Specific Moderators
IFF Moderators Delivery factors Intervention factors Delivery factors
4. Intervention Complexity KCS trial processes IPB Complexity  
5. Facilitation Strategies    KCS facilitation
  External Agency Support
6. Quality of Delivery    Adaptability and flexibility
7. Participant Responsiveness Organisational change, time and resources   Staff engagement and training
  Working with hard to engage groups   Staff continuity
  Conflicting Priorities