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Table 2 Classification criteria for levels of implementation (by numbers of CCs)

From: Implementing an Injury Prevention Briefing to aid delivery of key fire safety messages in UK children’s centres: qualitative study nested within a multi-centre randomised controlled trial

Level Extended Essential Minimal Non-implementation
Criteria • ≥ 2 delivery methods (e.g. group sessions, display boards, postal information, home visits, specific events) • Delivered via at least one group session • Recorded attempt at IPB related activity but insufficient to fulfil ‘Essential implementation’ criteria • No evidence of any IPB related activity although may have provided usual fire safety activity
  • ≥2 messages1 • 2 messages1   
  • Fully integrated into existing CCs health promotion activity • Discrete delivery or limited integration into other CCs sessions   
  • Active engagement with wide population of parents (beyond trial participants) • Engaged with trial parents and/or passive involvement of wider community   
  • Use of IPB and additional information or content • Used IPB information   
  • Delivered to more than 1 group • Delivery to one group of parents   
No. of CCs 10 8 5 1
  1. 1including ‘Importance of smoke alarms’ (SA) and ‘Fire escape planning’ (FEP).