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Table 1 Differences between IPB only and IPB+ intervention arms

From: Implementing an Injury Prevention Briefing to aid delivery of key fire safety messages in UK children’s centres: qualitative study nested within a multi-centre randomised controlled trial

IPB only IPB+
• Received the IPB document in the post • Received the IPB and a training session covering IPB content and use delivered by the Child Accident Prevention Trust and KCS research team
• Asked to use it as they would any other information • Key content: Expected to deliver at least one session to participating families based on five key IPB fire prevention messages:
    ▪ Importance of smoke alarms
    ▪ Having a fire escape plan
    ▪ Causes of house fires
    ▪ Children’s behaviour in a fire
    ▪ Following a bed time routine
  • If unable to cover all five messages directed to focus on the following two essential ones: importance of smoke alarms and fire escape plans.
  • KCS researcher facilitation contacts took place at one, three and eight months. These took the form of an interview about progress and discussion of alternative strategies and approaches.