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Table 3 Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (mins/day): Spearman’s rho coefficient correlations for the GPAQ vs accelerometer

From: Validity of the Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ) in assessing levels and change in moderate-vigorous physical activity and sedentary behaviour

Sample n Variables Time point Spearman’s rho coefficient (r) pvalue
Criterion validity
Overall sample* 65 GPAQ vs. Accelerometer (mins/day MVPA) Time point 1 0.484 0.000
Females 34    0.434 0.010
Males 31    0.496 0.005
Extent of change
Overall sample** 22 Change between T1 and T2: Time point 1 vs. Time point 2 0.523 0.12
   GPAQ vs. accelerometer (mins/day MVPA)    
  1. *Overall sample that had valid accelerometer wear time (validation study; T1) (65/95).
  2. **Overall sample that had valid accelerometer wear time (T1 and T2) (22/41).
  3. MVPA: moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.