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Table 2 The DCS model in the surveys

From: Dimensional comparability of psychosocial working conditions as covered in European monitoring questionnaires

Dimension of DCS model Dimension in overview NL DK NO FI ES DE EU
Demand Quantitative demands - work pace
  Quantitative demands - amount √*
  Role conflict - - - -
Control Influence/decision authority
  Possibilities for development/skill discretion
  Variation/repetition -
Support Contact with supervisor/social support by supervisor
  Contact with co-workers/social support by co-workers
  1. Notes: √ = dimension is available in the survey; - = dimension is not available in the survey; *In Finland, the dimension "quantitative demands – amount" is assessed by asking participants about the number of compensated and non-compensated overtime at work.
  2. NL = Netherlands; DK = Denmark; NO = Norway; FI = Finland; ES = Spain; DE = Germany; EU = Europe.