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Table 2 Sample focus group and key informant interview questions

From: Identifying barriers to chronic disease reporting in Chicago Public Schools: a mixed-methods approach

Domain Focus groups Parent interviews Nurse interviews
Food allergy reporting Let’s go around and share personal experiences with chronic disease verification at CPS. Please share your experience with chronic disease reporting and verification at your child’s school? What process does your school use to identify students with chronic conditions?
  Have you all seen this Student Medical Information form? Did you receive this Student Medical Information form from the school? How does your school use the Student Medical Information form?
  Do you have any suggestions for improving the form? Did you fill this form out and return it to the school? How can this process be improved?
Physician verification Did everyone provide their school with a signed physician’s diagnosis of their child’s chronic disease? Did you get physician verification of your child’s chronic condition? How do you go about getting physician verification from parents/caregivers?
  Has anyone encountered barriers when trying to verify your child’s condition? Did you face any problems when trying to provide this information to the school? What are your barriers to getting chronic disease verification?
Access to medication Who has supplied their child’s school with chronic disease medication? Does your child have his/her chronic disease medication at school? Can you share your experiences related to medication access?
  What are some ways that barriers can be removed so all children have access to their medication at school? Did you encounter any barriers at school that made it difficult to provide your child’s medication? Do all students at your school have the prescribed medication the need to manage their condition?
  Do your children carry their medication on them? Does your child always have his/her medication with him/her? Do you have any suggestions for improving this process?
Action plan development Has anyone obtained a 504 Plan for their child? Did you set up a 504 Plan for your child? What is your experience with setting up 504 Plans for your food allergic students?
  Did you encounter any barriers during this process? How can those barriers be reduced? What were some of the barriers you faced when trying to set up an action plan? What works well and what is challenging about this system?
Communication What are the ways in which your children’s school sends home health-related information? How do you typically receive health-related information from your child’s school? What is communication like between you and the students’ parents/caregivers?
  How would you like to receive information from the school? Is this the most convenient method for you? What would be most preferable? How can communication be improved?
Survey development Do these questions capture the information we’re looking to collect? Are these questions relevant to you as a parent? N/A
  Is anything on this survey confusing? Are we missing anything? Should anything be removed N/A