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Table 1 Data sources to compare employee psychological distress (Kessler 10)

From: Prevalence and correlates of psychological distress in a large and diverse public sector workforce: baseline results from Partnering Healthy@Work

Survey Type Population Participation rate n Method
PH@W 20101 Researcher-initiated TSS5 employees 28% 3406 Random weighted paper and pencil
H@W 20092 Employer-initiated TSS employees 25% 7715 Non-random anonymous online
TPHS 20093 Population normative Tasmanian working adults 70% 3160 Random weighted telephone
NSMHWB 20074 Population normative Australian working adults 60% 5499 Random weighted face-to-face
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  2. 2Healthy@Work.
  3. 3Tasmanian Population Health Survey.
  4. 4National Survey of Mental Health and Well-Being.
  5. 5Tasmanian State Service.