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Table 3 Differences in chlamydia knowledge between sexually active and non-sexually active young people

From: Sexual behaviour, sexually transmitted infections and attitudes to chlamydia testing among a unique national sample of young Australians: baseline data from a randomised controlled trial

Question Sexually active% who answered correctly (n = 704) Not sexually active% who answered correctly (n = 152) p value
Chlamydia is a sexually transmissible infection that affects only women 89.4 84.7 0.05
Chlamydia can lead to sterility among women 84.7 80.5 0.11
A woman can have chlamydia without any obvious symptoms 91.3 86.0 0.03
A man can have chlamydia without any obvious symptoms 83.4 76.5 0.02
Chlamydia is curable 84.6 77.3 0.03
Chlamydia can be prevented by using condoms when you have sex 91.2 82.0 0.0003
Chlamydia can be tested for with a urine sample 77.1 70.0 0.05
Mean composite score/7 5.3 4.9 0.001