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Table 7 Price: comments on taxes and other economic incentives

From: Smorgasbord or symphony? Assessing public health nutrition policies across 30 European countries using a novel framework

Comment Source
"…legislation and regulation. Because with voluntary actions you will get little wins in the short term but not all actors will be moving and with regulation you get one rule for everyone so there is less inequity…" Belgium 2
"I think it is necessary to adopt more laws … maybe taxes on, higher taxes on junk food and therefore the healthier food would be cheaper." Czech Republic 3
"I think the taxation is very effective. I would go to taxation of the sugar because it is how it is used now and how people drink the soft drinks and eat candies so I would tax it more…" Finland 5
"…maybe taxation could be most cost effective, however there is a problem of political costs of such activity. Taxing probably products rich in saturated fats. Then products like sweeties which are high in calories and also which are rich in saturated fat and sugar." Poland 2