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Table 4 Existing and planned policy actions in relation to trans fatty acids

From: Smorgasbord or symphony? Assessing public health nutrition policies across 30 European countries using a novel framework

Country Action: Trans Fatty Acids (TFAs)
  Price (Legislation/regulation/subsidies) Product (Reformulation) Place (Schools, workplace, other settings) Promotion (Labelling/guidelines/advertising controls/campaigns
Austria TFAs banned since 2003    
Belgium   Voluntary reformulation on sugary foods, fat and TFAs.   Working group formed 13.01.12 to examine Saturated Fat, TFAs, sugar, portion size and fibre in bread flour.
Denmark TFAs banned since 2003    
Estonia     TFAs policy included in the National Strategy for the prevention of CVD 2005-2020.
Germany     2012: Joint initiative of the German Food Sector and the Ministry of Nutrition, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) concerning "Guidelines to minimize TFAs in food": Giving practical recommendations to industry how to further reduce non-ruminant (industrial) TFA in food.
Hungary Draft ministerial decree on the maximum levels of TFAs in foodstuffs.    
  A ministerial decree has been drafted to set up a limit for the trans fatty acid content of foodstuffs being on the market, taking into account the WHO recommendation for daily trans fatty acid intake. The professional consultation of the content of the draft decree is ongoing.
Iceland TFAs legislation since August 2011. TFAs (less than 2% per 100 g fat).    
Italy   Discussions to improve partnership with food industry. Some important results have been reached, like the reduction of trans–fats from sweet products. Some voluntary agreements have been reached with sweet producers regarding elimination of trans-fats.   
Netherlands   Voluntary by industry - total fat, TFAs and sugary foods.   
Spain   Voluntary by industry   Voluntary by industry TFAs strategy mentioned in the Strategy for Nutrition, Physical Activity and Prevention of Obesity (NAOS) (Schafer Elinder and Bollars).
Switzerland TFAs banned since 2008    
UK   Voluntary by industry   
  1. Data current to end of February 2013.