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Table 4 Long intervention estimated delivery costs and short intervention projected scale up costs (US Dollars)

From: Implementing effective hygiene promotion: lessons from the process evaluation of an intervention to promote handwashing with soap in rural India

  Long intervention (7 villages) Short intervention (1,000 villages)1
Purchased equipment 2,425 60,206
Hired equipment 4,378 158,460
Intervention Materials
Non-consumables2 356 3,561
Consumables 3,915 559,288
Human Resources
Staff hire 4,978 315,638
10 teams for 10 months   
Total Cost 16,053 1,097,153
Cost Per Village 2,293 1,097
  1. 1Scale-up costs are based on cost of equipping a team (with equipment and intervention materials that are reused in each village) and assume that 10 teams deliver the intervention over 10 months in 100 villages (total of 1000 villages reached over one calendar year). Per team staff costs include two promoters, one supervisor and a driver. All equipment would be purchased except for the intervention truck and vehicle for each project team (this cost includes fuel for the vehicles and generator). Costs are for delivery in similar-sized villages in Telugu language (500–2,000 population).
  2. 2Non-consumables such as flip-charts, uniforms for implementers, and a model clock were produced just once for use throughout the intervention.