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Table 3 Barriers to developmental progress in young children with SCD and interventions

From: Development and feasibility of a home-based education model for families of children with sickle cell disease

Challenge Intervention Result
Lack of developmentally appropriate toys. Handouts with pictures of appropriate toys for age. Discussion about developmental milestones and purpose of play. Minimum of 8 families made toy purchases based on recommendations.
Reading/talking not incorporated into routine. Provide minimum of 1 book per visit. Discuss value of reading and demonstrate reading to a child. Emphasize importance of looking at books even to just talk about pictures. Make homemade books with Zip top sandwich baggies and pictures. Minimum of 6 children have books incorporated into daily routine.
Challenging child behaviors. Discussion about typical behaviors and strategies on how to manage them. Discussion of how to implement routines. Minimum of 4 children have established a routine in their day.