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Table 2 Summary of outcomes and measures used in the Get Healthy, Stay Healthy trial

From: ‘Get Healthy, Stay Healthy’: protocol for evaluation of a lifestyle intervention delivered by text-message following the Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service®

Primary outcomes GHS-comparable tools Additional tools
Moderate-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) 3-item physical activity assessment tool [51] capturing walking, moderate and vigorous activity (via CATI) Accelerometer (Actigraph GT1M, 10s epoch) capturing duration and frequency of MVPA
Dietary behaviours Two stand-alone items [56] on servings of fruit and vegetables per day (via CATI) Fat & Fibre Behaviour Questionnaire [58] via CATI (Total Index (1 to 5))
Body weight and waist circumference Self-reported (via CATI)  
Secondary outcomes GHSH-specific tools  
Feasibility indicators Number and type of text messages sent  
Number and duration of tailoring interviews completed
Number of prompted and unprompted text message replies from participants
Acceptability indicators Recall of number of text messages received  
Treatment of text messages on receipt
Categorical satisfaction ratings
Qualitative feedback on intervention
Mediators Outcome expectancy: MVPA [60]; diet [64]  
Satisfaction with perceived outcomes: MVPA and diet [59]
Self-regulation: MVPA and diet [65]
Self-efficacy: MVPA [66]; diet [67]
Social support: MVPA and diet [68]
Perceived environmental opportunity: MVPA [69]; diet [72, 73]
Moderators Demographics (e.g. age, education)  
Health status (e.g. chronic diseases, need for medical clearance before commencing GHS)
Behavioural and anthropometric changes during initial GHS