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Table 3 The theme, categories and codes as identified from the qualitative data

From: Menstrual hygiene management and school absenteeism among female adolescent students in Northeast Ethiopia

Theme: ‘Girl students academic performance and school attendance is affected by lack of knowledge, sanitary materials and lack of facilities at schools’
Categories 1-Poor knowledge about menstruation 2-Unreadiness during menstruation 3-Influence on academic performance 4-Reasons of school absenteeism 5- Reasons of school dropout
Codes No prior knowledge about menstruation Afraid to use sanitary pad in school Class concentration Lack of school facilities Fear of sudden bleeding
  Misperceptions Knowledge gap on how to use sanitary pad Class participation Fear of unexpected bleeding Lack of material or pad
  Shocked Ashamed to buy sanitary pad School absenteeism Lack of material or pad Lack of knowledge
  Scared Unavailability of sanitary pad School dropout Embarrassment Embarrassment
  Disclosure Malpractices Missing exam Pain  
   High cost