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Table 1 Adolescent school girls knowledge about menstruation and its management, Northeast Ethiopia, 2013 (n = 551)

From: Menstrual hygiene management and school absenteeism among female adolescent students in Northeast Ethiopia

Variable Numbers Percent
Heard about menstruation before menarche 478 86.75
Feel comfortable to talk about menstruation 154 27.95
Knew common age range of menarche 501 90.93
Knew normal menstrual bleeding duration 516 93.65
Knew duration of a normal menstrual cycle 535 97.10
Knew disposable sanitary pad as menstrual soak up 262 47.55
Aware that menstruation is a physiologic process 319 57.89
Aware that menstruation is due to hormones 46 8.35
Aware that menstrual blood is from uterus 127 23.05
Aware that a girl cannot conceive during menstruation 279 50.64
Had learnt menstruation & its hygienic management in school 135 24.50
Aware that a girl can go to school during menstruation 476 86.39
  1. NB: Multiple responses were possible and the percent is greater than 100%.