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Table 4 The list of genera whose presence was significantly associated with oral health variables after Bonferroni correction

From: The association between the upper digestive tract microbiota by HOMIM and oral health in a population-based study in Linxian, China

   Statistics of oral health variables for the subjects with or without the genus Logistic model
Oral health variables Genus Number (proportion) of samples with the genus Variable value in subjects with the genus (median, IQR) Variable value in subjects without the genus (median, IQR) Coefficient P value
Periodontitis Parvimonas 411 (0.78) 0.47c 0.28c 0.852 2.2E-04
BoPa Parvimonas 411 (0.78) 0.60(0.40-0.79) 0.44(0.27-0.67) 1.041 5.9E-06
  Porphyromonas 268 (0.51) 0.61(0.41-0.82) 0.55(0.33-0.70) 1.065 2.3E-04
DMFTb Filifactor 238 (0.36) 4(2-9) 9(3-21) -0.048 6.0E-07
  Peptostreptococcus 105 (0.16) 5(2-10) 10(4-24) -0.065 4.7E-06
  Veillonellaceae [G-1] 216 (0.33) 11(6-28) 7(2-17) 0.036 9.0E-05
  1. IQR, interquartile range.
  2. aBleeding on probing, percent of probed sites with bleeding.
  3. bDMFT (decayed, missing, and filled teeth) score based on teeth excluding third molars.
  4. cProportion of samples with periodontitis.