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Table 1 The distribution of demographic and study characteristics and oral health parameters of the Cytology Sampling Study 2 subjects evaluated in this study

From: The association between the upper digestive tract microbiota by HOMIM and oral health in a population-based study in Linxian, China

  N (%) Mean (SD) Median (range)
Age   54.94(4.91) 54.00(34.00-67.00)
Male 279(42.3%)   
Female 380(57.7%)   
Yes 491(74.5%)   
No 168(25.5%)   
Antibiotic usage in the last three months    
Yes 76(11.5%)   
No 583(88.5%)   
Balloon sampling device    
Chinese balloon 320(48.6%)   
Wilson-Cook balloon 339(51.4%)   
Dental health parameters    
Teeth missinga   12.64(11.27) 8.00(0.00-32.00)
Teeth decayb   1.59(2.88) 0.00(0.00-22.00)
DMFTc   11.89(10.00) 9.00(0.00-28.00)
Presence of teeth    
At least one teeth present 544(82.5%)   
No teeth present 115(17.5%)   
Periodontal health    
BoPd   0.57(0.27) 0.57(0.00-1.00)
ALe   0.44(0.31) 0.40(0.00-1.00)
Present 227(43.0%)   
Absent 301(57.0%)   
  1. aNumber of permanent teeth missing.
  2. bTotal surfaces with coronal decay.
  3. cDMFT (decayed, missing, and filled teeth) score based on teeth excluding third molars.
  4. dBleeding of probe extent score, percent of probed sites with bleeding.
  5. eLoss of attachment extent score, percent of probed sites with loss of attachment > =3 mm.
  6. fPeriodontitis defined as present if one or more probed periodontal site had an attachment loss of 3 mm or greater and a pocket depth of 4 mm or greater.