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Table 1 Information on 12 instruments assessing neighborhood built environment related to physical activity

From: Objective assessment of urban built environment related to physical activity — development, reliability and validity of the China Urban Built Environment Scan Tool (CUBEST)

Instrument Number of items Time required Dimensions
Residential density Accessibility Street connectivity Sidewalks Bike lane Aesthetic quality Safety
Analytic Audit Tool 27 10.6 min/segment
Active Neighborhood Checklist 89 11.7 min/segment
EAST_HK 91 12.38 min/segment  
Irvine - Minnesota Inventory 162 20 min/segment
Neighborhood Active Living Potential (NALP) 18 No report    
Pedestrian Environment Data Scan Tool (PEDS) 36 3–5 min/400 ft. segment     
Physical Activity Resource Assessment Instrument (PARA) 43 10 min/ location       
PIN3 Neighborhood Audit Instrument 43 No report  
Sidewalk Assessment Tool 5 8–12 min/segment      
Systematic Pedestrian and Cycling Environment Scan (SPACES) 51 20 min/Km   
Systematic Social Observation (SSO) 126 5–10 min/segment   
Walking/Bicycling Suitability Assessment Form (WABSA) 16 + 27 No report