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Table 1 Australian National Health and Medical Research Council alcohol guidelines for pregnancy (1992, 2001, and 2009)

From: Women’s perceptions of information about alcohol use during pregnancy: a qualitative study

Year Guideline
1992 “that abstinence be promoted as desirable in pregnancy” (p. x) [2]
2001 “Women who are pregnant or who may soon become pregnant:
1. may consider not drinking at all;
2. most importantly should never become intoxicated;
3. if they choose to drink, over a week, should have less than seven standard drinks, AND, on any one day, no more than two standard drinks (spread over at least two hours);
4. should note that the risk is highest in the earlier stages of pregnancy, including the times from conception to the first missed period.” (p. 16)[3]
2009 “For women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, not drinking is the safest option.” (p. 5)[4]