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Table 1 Search strategies for PubMed and IBSS

From: Systematic review of parenting interventions in European countries aiming to reduce social inequalities in children’s health and development

Search Strategy PubMed [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Policy[Title/Abstract]] OR intervention[Title/Abstract] OR parenting[Title/Abstract] OR community health planning[Title/Abstract] OR charities[Title/Abstract] OR child day care centres[Title/Abstract] OR foster home care[Title/Abstract] OR food assistance[Title/Abstract] OR government financing[Title/Abstract] OR tax exemption[Title/Abstract] OR family support[Title/Abstract] OR child health centres[Title/Abstract] AND [[[[[Child[Title/Abstract]] OR infant[Title/Abstract]] OR newborn[Title/Abstract]] OR early childhood[Title/Abstract]] OR prenatal[Title/Abstract]] AND [[[[[[depriv*[Title/Abstract]] OR determinant*[Title/Abstract]] OR disparit*[Title/Abstract]] OR ineq*[Title/Abstract]] OR develop*[Title/Abstract]] OR health[Mesh] OR equit*[Title/Abstract] OR equalit*[Title/Abstract]]]] NOT [[[[[[[Americas[All fields]] OR India[All fields]] OR Asia, Southeastern[All fields]] OR Asia, Western[All fields]] OR Far East[All fields]] OR Australia[All fields]] OR Africa[All fields]]] NOT [Australian[All fields] OR Indi*[All fields] OR Uganda[All fields] OR Japan[All fields] OR Nigeri*[All fields]]]] NOT Chin*]] NOT USA] NOT United States of America] NOT Canada] NOT North America]] NOT Malawi]] NOT Keny*]] NOT Developing countries] NOT Bangladesh] NOT Philippines] NOT Pakistan]] NOT U.S] NOT America] NOT American
Search Strategy IBSS [ti[policy] OR ti[intervention] OR ti[parenting] OR ti[community health planning] OR ti[charities] OR ti[daycare centres] OR ti[foster home care] OR ti[food assistance] OR ti[government funding] OR ti[tax exempt] OR ti[family supports] OR ti[child care centres] OR ab[policy] OR ab[intervention] OR ab[parenting] OR ab[community health planning] OR ab[charities] OR ab[daycare centres] OR ab[foster home care] OR ab[food assistance] OR ab[government funding] OR ab[tax exempt] OR ab[family supports] OR ab[child care centres]] AND [ti[child] OR ti[infant] OR ti[newborn] OR ti[early childhood] OR ti[prenatal] OR ab[child] OR ab[infant] OR ab[newborn] OR ab[early childhood] OR ab[prenatal]] AND [ti[depriv*] OR ti[determinant*] OR ti[disparit*] OR ti[ineq] OR ti[develop*] OR ti[health] OR ti[equit*] OR ti[equalit*] OR ab[depriv*] OR ab[determinant*] OR ab[disparit*] OR ab[ineq] OR ab[develop*] OR ab[health] OR ab[equit*] OR ab[equalit*]]