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Table 1 Trend chosen to project the common drift parameter D accounting for the linear component of the trend in period and cohort by cancer site

From: Planning for the future: cancer incidence projections in Switzerland up to 2019

Cancer site ICD-10 codes Trenda
   Male Female
Oral cavity & pharynx C00-14 Average Recent
Stomach C16 Recent Average
Colon, rectum C18-20 Recent Recent
Lung, bronchus, trachea C33-34 Recent Average
Skin melanoma C43 Average Average
Breast C50   3 age classes <50: Average 50-60: Recent 70+: Recent
Corpus uteri, uterus NOS C54-55   Average
Ovary C56   Average
Prostate C61 2005-2009 rateb  
Bladder C67 Average Recent
Thyroid C73 Average Average
Non Hodgkin lymphoma C82-85, C96 Recent Recent
Other cancers (All cancers minuscancer sites) C17, C21-32, C35-42, C45-49, C51-52, C57-60, C62-66,C68-72, C74-81, C86-95, C97 Average Average
  1. a Average: average trend over entire prediction base; Recent: average trend from last 10 years.
  2. b Constant age specific incidence rates of last observed period (2005-2009).