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Table 6 Quality assessment of effect estimates of financial incentives on management of diarrhoeal disease

From: Financial incentives and coverage of child health interventions: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Intervention No. of studies Design Limitations Consistency Generalizability to population of interest Conditionalities related to outcome (no. of studies) Overall quality of evidence Mean difference (95% CI)
ORS use
Unconditional microcredit 1 Cross-sectional Only one study - Pakistan - Low 0.02 (-0.02; 0.05)
Conditional microcredit 1 Cohort Only one study - Ghana Health and nutrition education (1) Low 0.65 (0.53; 0.77)
Continued feeding
Conditional microcredit 2 Cluster RCT/Cohort Only two studies; analysis of cRCT does not account for clustering Consistent Bolivia and Ghana Health and nutrition education (2) Low 0.03 (-0.07; 0.13)
Conditional cash transfer 1 Cluster RCT Only one study; outcome not limited to diarrhea, includes consultations for other diseases - Nicaragua Children’s health service attendance, but not monitored (1) Low 0.03 (-0.03; 0.09)