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Table 1 Quality assessment of evidence at the category level

From: Systematic review of strategies to increase use of oral rehydration solution at the household level

  Quality Assessment Summary of Findings
     Directness No of events   
No of studies Design Limitations Consistency Generalizability to population of interest Generalizability to intervention of interest Intervention Control Relative Risk 95% Confidence Interval
Strategy: Co-promotion of Zinc and ORS (Moderate/low outcome specific quality)
4 RCT/cRCT None 3 of 4 studies showed beneficial effect; heterogeneity in meta-analysis No major limitations No major limitations 5345 3895 1.82 [1.17, 2.85]
Strategy: Social marketing and mass media (Low outcome specific quality)
3 Observational Variation in study design and quality All show beneficial effect; heterogeneity in meta-analysis; not statistically significant No major limitations No major limitations 1530 804 2.05 [0.78, 5.42]
  1. cRCT: cluster-randomized controlled trial
  2. ORS: Oral rehydration solution