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Table 1 Sources of relevant default assumptions in Impact 2 model

From: Estimating the contribution of a service delivery organisation to the national modern contraceptive prevalence rate: Marie Stopes International's Impact 2 model

Data Source
Projected women of reproductive age UN Population Prospects (2010) revision [11]
Projected female life expectancy at birth (e0) UN Population Prospects (2010) revision [11]
Female age-specific mortality rates (5px) Model life table families [14]
Units needed for one year of coverage United States Agency for International Development (USAID) 2011 CYP Update [6]
Median age of sterilisation DHS (for samples greater than 30 women) or weighted regional average [10]
Cumulative continuation rates (IUD, implant) USAID 2011 CYP Update [6]