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Table 3 Goals for healthy eating and active living strategies, BC and ON

From: Chronic disease prevention policy in British Columbia and Ontario in light of public health renewal: a comparative policy analysis

BC • Increased systemic support for healthy living choices, in an integrated manner, at the individual, family, community and regional level.
• Prevention and reduction of high-risk behaviours, including tobacco use, unhealthy eating and physical inactivity, particularly among young people and vulnerable individuals and groups.
• Enhanced surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of healthy living trends and interventions. [20], p.10
ON • Champion health promotion in Ontario and inspire individuals, organizations, communities and governments to create a culture of health and well-being.
• Provide programs, services and incentives that will enhance health and well-being.
• Make healthy choices easier.
• Harness the energy and commitment of other Government of Ontario ministries, other levels of government, community partners, the private sector, the media and the public to promote health and well-being for all Ontarians.
• Make Ontario a leader in health promotion within Canada and internationally [44], p.3
  1. *As no specific goals for healthy living were listed in ON core documents, the authors drew on a supporting document’s goal.