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Table 1 List of Analyzed Documents for BC and ON

From: Chronic disease prevention policy in British Columbia and Ontario in light of public health renewal: a comparative policy analysis

Core documents Core documents
• A framework for core functions in public health: resource document [6] • Ontario Public Health Standards (OPHS) [7]
• OPHS: Requirements* [17]
• Public Health Renewal in British Columbia: An overview of core functions in public health [14] • OPHS: Board of Health Outcomes *[18]
• OPHS: Goals* [19]
• Model Core Program Paper: Healthy Living [20] • OPHS: Societal Outcomes* [21]
• Model Core Program Paper for Prevention of Chronic Diseases [22] • Comparison of 2008 OPHS and 1997 MHPSG* [23]
Supporting • The nutritious food basket guidance document* [24]
• A framework for a provincial chronic disease prevention initiative* [25] • Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Healthy Weights: guidance document* [26]
• Delivering Effective, Integrated System of Primary and Community Care* [27] • Population Health Assessment and Surveillance Protocol* [28]
• Nutritious food basket protocol* [29]
Contextual • OPHS: Chronic Disease Prevention Logic Model* [30]
• Implementation of healthy living as a core program in public health: final report* [31] Supporting
• Leading British Columbia towards a healthy future* [32] • Ontario’s action plan for healthy eating and active living* [33]
• An environmental scan on primary care and public health in the province of British Columbia* [34] Contextual
• From Vision to Action: A plan for the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion* [35]
• Moving the Healthy Eating and Active Living Strategy forward in Ontario* [36]
• Obesity: an overview of the current landscape and prevention-related activities in Ontario* [37]
• Informing directions for chronic disease prevention and management in Ontario* [38]
  1. *Policy documents that were identified in Phase 2 of the document search and selection strategy, as opposed to Phase 1.