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Table 1 Multifactor model of positive mental health (Lluch, 1999)

From: Assessing positive mental health in people with chronic physical health problems: correlations with socio-demographic variables and physical health status

PMH factors Definition
F1: Personal Satisfaction - Self-concept/Self-esteem
- Satisfaction with personal life
- Optimistic outlook on the future
F2: Prosocial Attitude - Active predisposition towards society
- Altruistic social attitude; attitude of helping/supporting others
- Acceptance of others and of differential social characteristics
F3: Self-Control - Ability to cope with stress/situations of conflict
- Emotional balance/emotional control
- Tolerance of frustration, anxiety and stress
F4: Autonomy - Able to have one’s own standards
- Independence
- Self-regulation of one’s behavior
- Sense of personal security/self-confidence
F5: Problem-Solving and Self-Actualization - Analytical capacity
- Able to make decisions
- Flexibility/able to adapt to change
- Attitude of continuous growth and personal development
F6: Interpersonal Relationship Skills - Able to establish interpersonal relationships
- Empathy/ability to understand the feelings of others
- Able to give emotional support
  - Ability to establish and maintain close interpersonal relationships.
  1. PMH: Positive Mental Health.