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Table 2 Mean SSD values for EMIS sub-regions

From: Estimating the size of the MSM populations for 38 European countries by calculating the survey-surveillance discrepancies (SSD) between self-reported new HIV diagnoses from the European MSM internet survey (EMIS) and surveillance-reported HIV diagnoses among MSM in 2009

EMIS sub-region Countries Mean SSD
North-western Europe DK; FI; NO; SE 1.9
Central West Europe AT; CH; DE; LU 2.0
Western Europe BE; FR; IE; NL; UK 2.1
North-eastern Europe EE; LT; LV 2.4
Central East Europe CZ; HU; PL; SI; SK 2.5
South-western Europe ES; GR; IT; PT 2.8
South-eastern Europe (EU) BG; CY; MT; RO 3.1
South-eastern Europe (non-EU) BA; HR; MK; RS; TR 3.9
Eastern Europe BY; MD; RU; UA 6.0