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Table 8 Alignment of Canadian National Collaboration Centre for Health Public Policy dimensions with criteria identified in the study

From: Multi-criteria decision analysis as an innovative approach to managing zoonoses: results from a study on Lyme disease in Canada

Canadian National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy Study
Dimensions Criteria
Effectiveness PHC1 Reduction in incidence of human cases
PHC2 Reduction in entomological risk
SUC1 Detection of zones where tick populations are present
SUC2 Identification of zones where tick populations are established
SUC3 Identification of Lyme endemic zones
SUC4 Quality of data
Unintended effects PHC3 Impacts of adverse health effects
AEC1 Impact on habitat
AEC2 Impact on wildlife
Cost SEC1 Cost to the public sector
SEC2 Cost to the private sector
Equity SIC2 Proportion of the population benefitting from intervention
Feasibility SEC3 Delay before results
SEC4 Complexity
SEC5 Impact on organisation’s credibility
Acceptability SIC1 Level of public acceptance