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Table 2 Interview schedule parents (with predefined themes)

From: Determinants of binge drinking in a permissive environment: focus group interviews with Dutch adolescents and parents

Theme Possible questions
Attitude towards adolescent alcohol consumption What is your opinion about alcohol use in adolescents?
Are there any pros of alcohol consumption? Are there any cons?
Attitude towards adolescent binge drinking What is your opinion about binge drinking in adolescent?
Knowledge about risks /consequences What do you know about the consequences of binge drinking, both long term and short term?
Risk perception How serious do you think these consequences are?
Rules Do you handle certain rules concerning the amount of alcohol that your child may drink?
Do you handle any rules concerning the times that your child has to be home when it goes out?
Beliefs about effective prevention of binge drinking What do you think is a good way do decrease binge drinking in your child?
Do you think it is necessary to decrease binge drinking in your child?
Beliefs about own influence Do you think that you still have influence on your childs alcohol consumption?
Actions What exactly do you do to decrease binge drinking in your child?
Consequences What do you do if you realize your child has been binge drinking? Are there any consequences?
Needs Do you sometimes think you could need some help with the alcohol education of your child?
How should that help look like?