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Table 1 Interview schedule adolescents (with predefined themes)

From: Determinants of binge drinking in a permissive environment: focus group interviews with Dutch adolescents and parents

Theme Example questions
Attitude What do you think of binge drinking? Are there any benefits? Are there any disadvantages?
Social influences Which people like/approve that you are binge drinking?
Do these people binge drink themselves? If yes, when? What happens then?
Which people dislike/disapprove that you are binge drinking? How do they let you know? Do these people binge drink?
Social network Are there differences in opinion or influences of your friends on your binge drinking behavior?
Friends in school or outside school
Older/younger friends
First time binge drinking When and why was the first time you have been binge drinking?
How was this? Who was involved? Did that had any consequences (punishment of parents, approval of friends)?
Self efficacy When is it easy/hard not to binge drink?
Action plans What do you do when you do not want to binge drink? How do you handle difficult situations?
Environmental factors When/in which situations do you usually binge drink?
When/in which situations do you drink alcohol without binge drinking?
What causes you to drink? What withholds you from drinking?
Attitude parents What do your parents think about you binge drinking?
Monitoring parents Do your parents know where and with whom you are? Do you talk about e.g. when you have to be home in the night?
Rules parents Are you allowed to drink alcohol at home? Are there any rules concerning your alcohol consumption in general?
Communication Do you communicate with your parents about alcohol (how much you can drink)?
Behavior parents Do your parents drink alcohol? If yes, when/how much? Do your parents provide you with alcohol?