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Table 3 Correlation between five influenza surveillance systems and media attention, 31-8-2009 – 3-1-2010*

From: Comparison of five influenza surveillance systems during the 2009 pandemic and their association with media attention

  Number of newspaper articles Number of television broadcasts
  Spearman correlation coefficient P-value Spearman correlation coefficient P-value
ILI consultation rates, sentinel GPs/10,000 enrolled patients 0.74 <0.001 0.68 0.002
Number of hospital admissions/10,000 inhabitants 0.74 <0.001 0.80 <0.001
ILI incidence, GIS/10,000 participants 0.49 0.038 0.59 0.010
Estimated ILI incidence, GFT/10,000 inhabitants 0.62 0.006 0.61 0.007
Number of influenza virus detections 0.79 <0.001 0.79 <0.001
  1. ILI influenza-like illness, GIS Great Influenza Survey, GP general practitioner, GFT Google Flu Trends.
  2. *Spearman rank correlation coefficients were determined for the period in which media attention coincided with trends of the ILI/influenza surveillance systems (31-8-2009 through 3-1-2010).