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Table 3 Interview guide

From: Designing a handwashing station for infrastructure-restricted communities in Bangladesh using the integrated behavioural model for water, sanitation and hygiene interventions (IBM-WASH)

Question type Sub-question
General questions regarding handwashing knowledge and practices 1. Describe your handwashing practices? Where and when do you generally wash hands?
2. Before receiving this handwashing station how did you wash your hands?
Questions relating to handwashing station design 1. What is your reaction to this handwashing station? Does it help to wash your hands? Describe the advantages?
2. Do you use X handwashing station? After what activities are you most likely to use it?
3. Do all members of your household wash their hands with handwashing station? Who in the household uses the handwashing station the most and why?
4. How did your neighbours react to this hand washing station? Were they interested? Did they want one for their own?
5. Does the handwashing station help your family members? Do they like using it?
Questions identifying issues surrounding use of the handwashing station 1. What problems have you had with the hand washing station?
2. Was the hand washing station moved from the place it was installation?