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Table 2 Sources of data

From: A qualitative case study of child protection issues in the Indian construction industry: investigating the security, health, and interrelated rights of migrant families

7 KI interviews in corporate sector construction supervisor, crèche supervisor, 2 general managers (1 on-site, 1 from separate development company), Malda jamadar, adult Malda worker, local business owner
2 KI interviews with local schools principal at government school for girls, teacher at private school
5 KI interviews with crèche staff and local NGO crèche staff including: supervisor, center in charge, doctor, part-time employee/construction worker; coordinator of local NGO
6 Focus group discussions male construction workers (N = 5); adult Malda workers (N = 5); female construction workers (N = 10); female construction workers (N = 5); male children of migrant workers (N = 4); girl children of migrant workers (N = 5)
Observations construction site, communal living area, surrounding community
8 KI Interviews with child protection stakeholders in the National Capital Region 5 interviews with local and international NGOs, 2 interviews with UN agencies, 1 interview with government official
38 participants of validity-strengthening “member checks” (e.g. follow-up meetings, focus group discussions, and interviews - both new and previous respondents) female construction workers (N = 17), male construction workers (N = 13, including 1 jamadar), male and female children (N = 4), and previous key informants in the National Capital Region (N = 4)