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Table 4 Australian child-oriented food products within the sample that improved in classification according to the Healthy Kids Association Nutrient Criteria [46] from 2009-2011

From: A survey of the reformulation of Australian child-oriented food products

Product Brand Company 2009 Classification 2011 Classification Nutrient/s reformulated to enable change in category
Dino snacks Steggles Baiada Red* Amber Decreased sodium
Moo Zoo cheese Devondale Murray Goulburn Red* Amber Decreased sodium
Spaghetti shapes Heinz Heinz Amber Green Decreased sodium
NesQuick cereal Nestle Nestle Amber Green Increased fibre
Cheerios Uncle Tobys Nestle Amber Green Decreased sodium
  1. Excludes jelly, dairy and processed fruit products.
  2. *Does not meet Healthy Kids Amber Criteria.