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Table 1 Opinions on the justifiability of wife beating, based on responses from 2139 slum-dwelling women interviewed at around 6 weeks postpartum

From: Intimate partner violence against women during and after pregnancy: a cross-sectional study in Mumbai slums

A husband is justified in hitting or beating his wife if… n (%)
She shows disrespect for her in-laws 671 (31)
She doesn’t cook food properly 398 (19)
She goes out without telling him 413 (19)
She argues with him 391 (18)
She does not fulfill his expectations of her household or childcare duties 347 (16)
He loves her, so he has a right to beat her 291 (14)
She refuses to have sex with him 165 (8)
He suspects her of being unfaithful 146 (7)
He is drunk 136 (6)
He or his family are unhappy with her marriage contribution 102 (5)
Respondents 2139 (100)
  1. Individual proportions do not sum to 100% because respondents could respond positively to more than one question.